Using the generator on the site, you can add only the icons you nee to your pack. This is especially important when you want to embe only the most necessary icons on your site – without having to download extra and therefore unnecessary symbols. Do you know of any icon font sets that you think should be include in this list? If yes, please let us know in the comments.Maintaining a WordPress Website – 8 Tips What exactly does maintaining a WordPress website involve? What are the guidelines you must follow to properly maintain your website? 330 31 WordPress is a multi-component environment. We nee to deal with the theme being use, perhaps several plugins.

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As well as the core itself. They are create and update by completely independent environments. Developers (or their teams) keep track of updates to the world from time to time. You also develop your website – add new content, change outdate Moldova Email List content and remove completely unnecessary content. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to ensure that your work does not go to waste. This is why creating backups is useful. There are many other similar examples. Below you will find a list of eight of them.

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What is it like to maintain a WordPress website? – 8 tips 1. Update core, plugins and theme regularly As I said before, WordPress is a complex BR Lists environment. – mostly independent of each other, but still relate. Plugin authors don’t update them for fun.: add new functions (for example, extend a plugin with additional functions) modify current code or fix bugs wishes to improve security In fact, each of these three problems alone is reason enough to take care of the upgrade.