By Statista which shows that of North American high school students prefer this communication channel to learn more about universities. At the time of getting down to work with your email strategy it is key to know what you aspire to achieve. Your goal will define the design that you are going to implement in your email. Here are several case examples of email marketing campaigns for universities that will inspire you University Admission Mail email marketing for universities know its advantages The main premise is to congratulate the student on their admission and provide relevant information on the next steps to follow how to enroll orientation dates and links with useful information. The tone being a welcome is colloquial and relaxed together with a design that follows the corporate identity.

Student Announcement

Of the center  Mail Its purpose is to inform about academic programs or news that contribute to encourage student participation in university activities. In this email modality you can talk about recent events on campus such as the start of a new semester and library or student service office hours. Likewise you can create a landing page to attract students inviting them to seminars or courses that are going to start shortly. Mail to involve students in social causes Examples of email marketing for universities In this case it is intended that Armenia Phone Number List students offer to carry out positive actions for their community . The message has to be clear and concise accompanied by a moving story. As shown in this example you can promote a donation to a social cause. Invite students to.

Contribute a token amount

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Of money to an organization or issue and create an event around it. To make it easy to donate include a CTA that takes them directly to the causes website . Event invitation email It is used to promote conferences talks events related to the center etc. It has to include date place and speakers if any. Your design should be attractive and include custom content to drive engagement. Mail for new students joining the university email marketing trends for universities. It is used to establish a first connection inform about the new steps to BRLists be taken and.  Provide useful resources so that the student can quickly integrate into university life. Here again the tone of the email must be friendly and close with a design that respects the corporate identity. Mail to attract alumni Its about attracting those.