The situation becomes even more complicate when there are not only many such elements, but also when they meet very close together. In this case, it is easy to make a mistake, for example by pressing the wrong button., where it is easier to tap the wrong side with your finger. In general, make links large enough. In simple terms. 3. Use a color scheme that matches the website. I do not open anything that claims pagination on the sites should match the color of the appearance of individual sites.

The indentation between elements

If the appearance of such a site is “cut ” from scratch, then it is hardly worth worrying about. However, many use some ready-made plugins (in the case of WordPress) or other add-ons that impose a preefine style. But in such cases, make sure to change Sweden Email List the style so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your website. 4 . Create a large enough interval between links to individual pages. This paragraph is a continuation of the thought presente. in the second paragraph. Look at the picture below: The individual links seem to be the right size, but the distance between them is still too small. In such cases, it is very easy to choose a different side than what you intende.

Country Email List

As our finger is a less precise

Mobile users are particularly sensitive to this, pointer than the mouse pointer. K Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to the question of how large BR Lists should be. Use your intuition when trying to find the sweet spot. 5. Limit the number of available pages. Sometimes you can find “monsters” in different blogs. While the individual “tiles” still look good visually, the whole thing looks bad.