The good news is that your blog doesn’t have to be typical – it can get better and attract readers. There are many factors that affect how long the average reader will spend reading your posts: Website loading spee. Interest in theme. Record quality. Input formatting. Input length. span> These are elements that we have the most control over, so it’s important to understand each of them. In this post, we will focus on formatting content. I’m going to give you some tactics on how to engage readers with the right post presentation. and often overlooke content formatting tips that can have a very large impact on the average time readers spend on your website.

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Pay attention to the width Imagine that your application will be place on a huge movie poster. As a reader, you have to spend a lot of time Slovenia Email List reading it, not to mention turning your head from left to right to find the next line of text. to focus on the text. is too wide. You have probably already notice that even in Word the text does not take up the entire width of the screen For the same reason.

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Now imagine you wrote a word on a line. Now, not only is it difficult to write sentence after sentence, but you scroll endlessly. In this regard, the optimal BR Lists solution is somewhere in the middle. Let’s leave our thoughts and move on to some serious research. Studies (let’s just focus on the results since they are the most interesting) regarding fast and slow reading have summarize the following: A slow reader prefers 55 characters per input line. When creating a blog, it is important to think about serving the interests of slow and fast readers.