The W3C validator shows – in this case – more than a hundre errors. Other versions also contain bugs, usually from a few dozen to well over a hundre. Malforme HTML is just the tip of the iceberg when JavaScript files are include. Clear themes have many features – various counters, modals, carousels, tabs, preloaders and so on. On the one hand, it’s very good that there are so many of them – there are only so many to choose from. On the other hand, many features in many themes that are not ultimately use on the site are still loade on page load. (or even megabytes) of data and reundant requests (ie requests sent to the server), ultimately leading to poorer load times and sometimes a “heavy” page experience.

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Of course we are not doome to this state in advance. There are themes that are both better and worse optimize for this. You may as well outsource Malawi Email List the development of the theme to an external company and implement optimization solutions. However, all this is a consequence of motifs being create for serial sales. They are packe with as many features as possible to increase the likelihood that they will appeal to the widest possible audience. Custom theme, built from the ground up, uses only the features that are really neee on a particular website.

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The programmer will not waste time programming something that will not be use anyway. As a result, in the vast majority of cases, individual subjects are simply simpler. 6. Updates When considering whether a custom WordPress theme or a pre-built BR Lists theme is better, it’s worth looking at updates. Purchasing a theme from the aforementione you the theme when the theme authors “release” an update or improve version. This is important not only when it comes to getting new features, but also for WordPress security reasons. Updates come out for a reason. Yes, they add features and fix bugs, but they also fix holes.