How many participants do you want to. Conduct meetings? – what type of training do you want to prepare – will it be a simple presentation or. Do you nee more advance functions to create interactive elements? – what platforms does the app support? – do you want to conduct training also in the mobile version ? – do you want to be able to send chat messages ? – what are your technical skills – does the application have a simple and intuitive interface? – does the program have a trial period ? – does it have technical support ? – what is your budget ? In most programs for creating online trainings, you can use a non-binding trial period.

The availability of many ready-made templates

During which you can easily check if it’s the “RIGHT ONE” and choose a tool that will meet all our expectations. Discover the list of the 12 most interesting and popular e-learning tools. online training programs Top 12: Ranking of online training Denmark Email List programs: 1. Articulate 360 One of the great things about Articulate 360 ​​is that it’s not just one program. Articulate 360 ​​is divide into several types ( Review, Rose, Storyline, Content Library and Training ) that allow you to create complete and diverse online courses. What most users like very much is the fact that.

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The user wants to prepare

Articulate programs ( Storyline) have a very similar interface to the popular PowerPoint , which means that some people “friends” with a lot of time getting use to Articulate . Another advantage of Articulate Storyline is and graphics that will certainly BR Lists facilitate the preparation of the course. If an online course that will also be available on mobile devices – he can use Articulate Rise, thanks to which, without technical obstacles, you can prepare an interactive training for mobile platforms.