The advantage of vectors is that they scale according to the space they should occupy. In other words, they look great on both large screens and smaller devices like smartphones and tablets. By manipulating their size, they do not lose focus and clarity at all. You can learn more about this in our text on SEO optimization of images. 5. Mix icon colors smartly, but it shouldn’t be overlooke. Make sure your icon colors work well with other elements on your website. Again, it’s about consistency throughout the design. If the colors of the icons are chosen correctly, the whole site will simply be more beautiful.

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If the context is unclear, use shortcuts Some icons are obvious to us. They illustrate, for example, an airplane, a house, a computer screen. Tto us Great Britain Email List from childhood. Others, such as the so-calle hamburger (three bars illustrating a mobile menu), refresh (circle arrow), close (tick) or a triangle pointing to the right (“play”) do not represent real objects. They are simply conventional – their meaning must have been learne at some point in our lives. I say this to draw your attention to the context. This word is extremely important.

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When it comes to icons. It happens  on their own. The vast majority of users can recognize what they represent just by their shape. If an action is associate with an icon when it is clicke or presse, we intuitively understand what function we are BR Lists dealing with. But everything makes sense when the context is clear to us. In many cases this is not the case. The image above is from text I poste on our blog in 2015 (handy page). As you can see, this adaptation relate to UX (user experience) is still relevant today. The label adds context and most simply explains to us what this action is for.