Journey into a memorable process. Customers at a specific time . They are customers who have made a single purchase with coupons or discounts that you have ever offered. Usual customers. These users need little to no push for your emails to have an impact. Segment them to get the highest possible retention. . Identifies the personal interests of clients Either through forms or using previously collected information study the personal interests of your customers such as their preferences lifestyles favorite hobbies etc. A clothing ecommerce for example can use preference analysis to carry out a mass mailing campaign . Through navigation analysis and surveys it identifies that an article is very popular with its customers. First it groups the subscribers who have shown that preference.

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Generate emails around that article and at key moments to achieve good deliverability rates. . Segmentation based on purchase history Do an analysis of the products that customers usually buy or are usually viewing on the web. Offering discounts on these items can be a perfect opportunity to increase sales. For example customers who visit your website to obtain Bahamas Phone Number List information about your products may be a potential target to whom you can offer a discount that allows them to finally make the purchase. Keep contact lists clean personalized mass email strategies Before launching your campaign make sure that it will be received by all recipients. It is possible that some contacts in your lists are not active or no longer exist. For this it is important to periodically.

Review the hygiene of your lists and

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Clean the database . You can do this automatically with MDirector eliminating from the subaccount the contacts that have unsubscribed and those that have produced bounces in the generated shipments. Take care of your reputation as a sender in your mass mailings advantages of personalized mass emails Sending personalized mass emails from a recognizable address that provides trust to the recipients is key so that the emails are opened and that the senders address is not marked as dangerous. With MDirector you can customize the sender. with a promote deliverability. Likewise the tool also includes the Antispam Test option which will help you BRLists determine if your submission meets the security requirements.