Shortly without going into details. Pretarget based on geographic location purchase history and web browsing to determine who to send this email to. In the next step explain its benefits highlight the value of the product and how it can help the user. Invite the recipient to pay attention to future shipments from your brand. This email should be sent days after the first one. The third email will include a benefit tied to the item or service in question. It can be a discount for example. The CTA to include has to create urgency by setting an upcoming deadline to take advantage of the full offer. Send this email to the fourth day of starting the sequence. The fourth and last email has to be an invitation to take action. Emphasize urgency and encourage potential customers to take advantage of the offer before its too late.

The final reminder should arrive

One week after the initial mailing. Phrases like Exclusive offer for a limited time either Last hours to take advantage of the discount will motivate your subscribers to open the mail. . Abandoned cart reminders How to carry out an email marketing sequence The customer was about to buy and for some reason abandoned the process at the last minute. A cart recovery email Bolivia Phone Number List sequence is the best way to give you the little push you need to make a decision. The step by step to create it would be the following Send the first reminder shortly after the cart has been abandoned by the user. If this first email has not had a positive response send a next reminder hours after the cart has been abandoned. Once hours have passed since the cart was abandoned send a third email that.

Offers an incentive that helps make

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The sale. Offer limited time discounts special promotions or additional incentives to fuel the action. . Reactivation emails Personalization of emails to recover customers If you detect that a lead or client has been. Inactive for a long time you will need to create a sequence of reactivation emails when detecting. That a lead or client has been inactive for a long time. The idea is to remind the customer who has already bought in your store the reasons that led them to do so. This is how you can create a reactivation email sequence First of all send a BRLists first email to remind the user of your brand and reactivate their interest. The moment of sending will be determined by the time that you consider appropriate to classify as inactive. In the next email provide relevant.