Now even if you’re in a products industry, there’s still a level of service, whether that’s customer service, whether that’s sales service, whether that’s people who maybe have, right? You have customer service representatives and people in the support staff who are going to give a level of service. You have to be very generous with this. It has to be an experience where people feel like they’re being taken care of and it’s people like them caring about what they care about. These two things must be true. If you drop the ball in these areas, especially in the way our culture is today, people will start saying, “These people don’t care. They’re not authentic.

The same stories as everybody

Therefore I can’t do business with them. I can’t work with them. I can’t buy their products.” When you choose your ege, you choose your future. It’s very easy to care about or try to care about what everybody cares about. But we have to resist Austria Email List that, into the attributes that most people care about and being like everybody else. It’s scary going to the ege because you’re being different and being different calls attention to ourselves. And it’s funny that we as marketers are creators, we want to create something new but a lot of times.

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Ask Questions You have to begin

When it comes to telling our story, we tell else because of the way it makes us feel. We have to go to the eges and that’s where the hard work is done. But BR Lists that’s also where creating a true following happens. to ask yourself these questions. Who has been overlooke? In my market segment, who’s been overlooke? And what promises can I deliver and what promise can I deliver on a consistent basis to that group.