Such a small percentage that it should not be taken into account. Slider , if it has an aesthetically compose content, it can look beautiful. There is no doubt about this. But in terms of usability, in many cases it creates problems and is an unnecessary element. 7. Use relative dates Does it tell you anything that the article was written on 21/01/2019? What does the fact that it was written 4 months ago tell you? Here is the difference. The date represente by the first method is absolute. It will be relevant and “correct” forever. Regardless of whether we are in the.

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However there is a problem, which is that we have to organize this date in our head, place it in time. Only after a while do we understand what specific time we are talking about. The other way is a relative date. It refers to the current moment and counts Niger Email List backwards from it. For us humans, it is more accessible, as it immeiately correlates the date with the present. it is. When planning to promote a website, consider presenting dates in relative terms on your own blog. Yes, there will certainly be supporters of the traditional way of presenting them, but practice dictates that you stick to a method designe for a wider audience.

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Show estimate reading time Many people find it reundant, although I know some who really benefit from it. Estimate time to read this article is only BR Lists an estimate., literal way.; indee, the averages of different studies of reading spee in Polish give different results. In fact, it is important to quickly show whether the reading of a given text takes only a few minutes or if this reading takes a longer time (for example, 20 minutes or more.