We recommend Performance Max Information site. This version of the site as a rule contains a large amount of information which is structur into thematic sections or independent units. An example of such a site could be the site of a magazine virtual encyclopia or library. Game portal. The essence and purpose of creating such a site are as transparent as possible providing information about a particular game or a combination of them. But in fact this is a rather complex project that must withstand high traffic and be as resource intensive as possible.

Where can I find a theme

Often the portal has several standard sections for finding the necessary information on a topic a news block links to topics relat to the game. Also almost always such a portal will have specializ forums with high quality moderation. Personal project. Such mobile app designs service a site can contain anything and there are no strict design rules.Furthermore you will be able to have a detail view of your pages and their performance bas on certain kpis the ones we are interest in are: impressions and clicks.


The easiest way to do this is to sort the urls in descending order bas on the number of impressions. If you notice that one of your pages has many BR Lists impressions but few clicks… It’s probably because you ne to review its title and meta description. Also search the serps! This way you can take a step back and look at your title and meta description see which ones aren’t showing up completely and compare yourself to the competition.