What else can you expect from working at MBridge? You can read about it in the article “ What is an internship at the MBridge marketing agency – Marketing Experts like? ” – there are statements of interns who decide to continue their adventure with internet marketing with us. Intereste? Then apply! Information on detaile requirements can be found in the following announcements:The financial industry is a difficult field for SEO activities, mainly due to fierce competition. Despite this, we manage to significantly increase the visibility of the mFinanse website in organic search results. In the latest case study, we describe the covere strategy in detail.

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We starte cooperation with mFinanse in September 2019. the website’s visibility in search engines. Unfortunately, earlier actions did not bring satisfactory results., substantive content, but it did not reach a wide range of readers. Key business queries Estonia Email List from the customer’s perspective were displaye outside the TOP10 and even TOP50 of Google. During the 16 months of cooperation, we significantly improve these statistics. We have gaine visibility for over 540 phrases in TOP3 Google, and their number is constantly growing. Importantly, 125 of them are phrases directing to offer subpages that the client was particularly intereste in.

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We also manage to gain visibility for very competitive phrases relate to loan calculators and significantly expand the client’s blog. In case studies: we BR Lists diagnose the causes of poor visibility before starting cooperation, we discuss the actions taken in detail, the increase in website visibility, we specify what phrases the client wante and share data on the estimate monthly number of searches. If you are intereste in our strategy, please fill out the form below. In the near future you will receive a detaile case study about our cooperation with mFinanse.