His is very useful for SEO and should not be neglecte. 8. Be careful with stock photos Photos can help or hurt. It all depends on which photos you choose. The basis is to choose photos that do not look artificial, ie. that do not depict explicit posing, inauthentic characters and scenes. Many users simply feel these feelings and do not fully trust sites that use poorly selecte stock photos. It is best to have your own photos – showing interiors, objects and people associate with your specific business. Authentic and unique – the kind you won’t find anywhere else.

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Then we understand that this business is just making it look like the truth. 9. Add images that are only useful I have already mentione that images are adde to the website for a specific purpose. They usually serve to add variety to the content or add Russian Email List some value that. Visual content can convey much more to us than simple sentences. Infographics, charts, illustrations or just visually appealing graphics all add value to a page and make us perceive it much better. By the way, I can recommend a text on how to increase CTR with images. 10. Make sure the graphics look good in mobile view While the topic of mobility has been floode for years, even so, you still come across of this issue.

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They scale correctly on tablets

The images should look good on everyone’s permissions. Not only on large devices, but also on those supporte on mobile devices. So make sure and BR Lists smartphones. Also, keep in mind that a responsive version of your website doesn’t have to provide content in 1:1 form to what you see on desktop. If the image looks bad in mobile view (eg you can’t see important details), consider hiding it with lower resolutions.