As you could see from the homepage, I can highlight traffic through here. I can highlight traffic through any one of these and I can begin to see what flows. They land on the homepage and after the homepage they either visit the blog or contact us, inbound marketing or one of these other 43 pages. If I want to know what those pages are, I can click on group details and it will tell me these are the pages that people are going to the most, at least for the last 30 days. I can start to see after that, where do they go. As you can see here, once they’ve come to the homepage and they’ve gone deeper, our drop offs gets a little bit better. Now the amount of traffic is shorter.

That blog homepage into something

The people who have taken interaction and taken a step in, typically tend to continue to move through and continue to take action. This is very helpful for you when you’re looking at which content is important. Look at What Attracts People I’ll see from my homepage, our inbound marketing services attract people. People are also attracte to Bolivia Email List our resources and our solutions and our blog. As they continue to take steps they begin to look at other things that we also do. This can be helpful, like I said, in understanding the content that works well, but also to expose some opportunities. For instance, if I look at my blog, I can say, all right people are coming through my blog.

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I can show more topics

Now if they get to a specific topic, the through traffic’s almost 75% but I’ve lost so many people here at the top. from that they’re really intereste in learning BR Lists about? I can start to do some experimentation and help improve the flow in the user experience of my website and keeping them on my website longer. Behavior flow is a visualization tool, but when you break it down, it can be very helpful to understand what people are doing.