Amazon FBA is a system that allows anyone to sell their products within this Marketplace. with the advantage of being able to physically store them in Amazon warehouses. So that they are responsible for sending them to your customers. managing possible returns and to provide better customer service. In other words, you send your Stock to their Spanish and/or European warehouses (either one or hundreds of different products) and they are in. Charge of managing all the work related to the logistics that the future sales of those products will entail.

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It is important to note that this email database does not mean that we stop having responsibilities as a seller to customers. it only means that we begin to share with Amazon an important part of the work that we should carry out throughout the sales process (such as storage and shipping of orders). I imagine that now. out of curiosity, you are probably wondering: What do the acronym “FBA” mean? Well. they are nothing more than the initials in English of ” Fullfilment By Amazon “, which although not usually translated literally. comes to mean ” fulfillment by Amazon ” .

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That is, a system so that you as BR lists the person responsible for an eCommerce business. Can ensure that you meet your own clients and ensure the traceability of the sales process: Correct user experience when viewing the products. Fast and convenient payment system. Fast shipping to the indicated address. Reliable packaging and safe delivery. What exactly is the Amazon FBA system for? Of course. The online sales giant does not manage 100% of the process . But it does manage some of the most tedious. As I just mentioned. Which are exactly: They will store your products in their own warehouses.