Of course the courses do not last several years, and many digital marketing training specialists are experience marketers who have been working in advertisingideo marketing: where to start? Cisco, a world leader in IT and networking, estimates that video content will account for 82% of internet traffic by 2022 . If you add to this the fact that over 80% of companies boast of a higher ROI (return on investment) of video marketing – it is not surprising that this form of reaching customers is popular. Therefore, let’s find out what video marketing is.

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Where to start and why it is worth investing in it? Many business owners associate it with a buzzword use by advertising agencies to convince Cyprus Email List them to increase their advertising budget. Just like content marketing a few years ago, now video marketing is “future customers.” Because a high level of return on investment (ROI), good conversion, everyone does it, and certainly the competition and it’s worth doing it. Just why? Currently, content marketing has evolve and has cease to be reuce to “run a blog, attract customers.

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There are many valuable content and projects. The same will soon be the case with video marketing, which, although it has the taste of a trend, can be very useful both for gaining new customers and for appearing higher in search results. However – with BR Lists video? And is it worth sharing your knowlege just to get new customers?What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing , or in translation – digital, internet marketing . by people professionally involve in marketing. It is also the object of desire of every entrepreneur: both large companies and private individuals who run their own business.