Results, because internal knowledge is still small; execution can be hampered both by internal interference from other marketing projects and by managers’ lack of know-how about SEO routines. Let’s look at the ideal scenarios to consider structuring an internal team focused on generating positions at Google: When to internalize an SEO Consultancy: Internalizing the search for traffic and organic leads can be interesting if: control and construction of internal knowledge are important for the company; there are enough resources to support the team and the learning curve; there is a marketing manager with enough know-how to keep the project alive; marketing management has the autonomy to prioritize SEO actions, reducing interference; The company is large enough to separate core business and marketing activities.

When not to internalize an SEO Consultancy

When not to internalize an SEO Consultancy: No longer building an internal team may be the best decision if: the company does not have the structure or funds to support the team and the learning curve; the company’s business is more urgent than internal marketing projects; marketing management does not have the SEO know-how to keep up with the internal team; the marketing manager does not have the autonomy to prevent internal interference new database   from other projects; There is a need to get into SEO quickly, avoiding initial learning bottlenecks. Hire x internalize SEO Consulting If we look at the two scenarios as alternatives to each other.

Note that there is no cake recipe

we can summarize the two options in a few quick arguments: Hiring Internalization -reduction of internal costs; -no allocation of time and resources to learn SEO; -lack of internal know-how to supervise the team; -reduction of the learning curve; -focus on core business and not on marketing. -resource available to internalize; -need to build internal knowledge; -there is no risk in delaying results; -secure core business and possibility of focusing on marketing; -internal know-how to assemble the SEO team. Note that there is no cake recipe. Deciding on one of the options will largely depend on your company’s situation and the degree of BR Lists  digital maturity it has in relation to SEO. What is worth making clear here is that decision-makers need to be clear enough to ask the following questions: Do we have the capacity to manage an.