However I was neither able nor willing to click the buy button. So I went back to the search results and clicke on every other link from that brand on the first page. With the same result. I did some digging and checke. It turne out that their server was giving a status of 200 for every page that was ever on their site. Because of this, old products were not remove from the search engine index and pushe out products that could actually be bought from the first page. – status 301 Status 301 – reirect is permanent, ie this is a message to the customer that the information they are looking for.

Server response codes

Now available elsewhere. Instead of loading old information, the server updates the link,. status 301 now leads to status 200, but in a new location. If the client is a search engine, the old location will be replace by the new one in the search engine index. Code 301 is Luxembourg Email List also great for updating and moving content across a website or domain. The idea is that visitors automatically reirecte to the new one. Status 301 becomes an error. It will also be an error if the old location has no connection to the new one.

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Who visit the old site are simply

Such a site will have an increase level of spam due to too many reirects from other sites. Response codes server – status 302 302 – Found/Temporary Reirection, with this status you can confirm the client request and say : “I found the information you BR Lists are asking for, but this information will not be available in the original location until some time later.” The server begins parsing the new request, resulting in a 200 return status at the new location. If the client is a search engine, the original location will still remain in the search engine’s index.