Trained in marketing Will we have autonomy in SEO processes? Does the company value the issue of organic positioning? If you answer “no” to the answers above, be careful when choosing internalization. 3. Inspection company (hiring) We have already experienced this context here, and certainly other agencies too. This is the situation where the company positions itself in two possible ways in relation to the agency or SEO professional: she doesn’t trust the agency , and that’s why she wants to monitor everything that is done, every hour of the day; She wants to “suck” the agency, and instead of letting her work, she keeps asking about everything, all the time, and ends up.

SEO team is to punch a knife in the face

Harming the progress of the executions (after all, there’s no point in just planning, you have to execute). What invariably happens in this scenario is that the hiring company either moves forward to internalize or simply cancels the work, because it does not bring results due to the two points above: lack of trust and lack of execution. In other words, if your company is going to outsource the SEO project, let the agency work and place your trust in them. 4. Company without knowledge (hiring) Here we have a less common situation, but it also happens. In this case, we have a company with a good initial FIT to work on SEO. It has special data  funding, it has structure, it has market relevance, it has a long-term focus. But she lacks maturity.

Because it does not bring results due

Decision-makers don’t understand digital marketing, they don’t know what SEO is, and they don’t even understand the value. So the company ends up hiring an SEO agency because they think it’s cool, because someone recommended it, because the competition does it or simply because they have money left over. But then, in practice, the routine of the external SEO team is to punch a knife in the face, because the company does not send material, does not validate the content, does not provide access to the server. In short, she doesn’t help at all, because she doesn’t see the value in that project. In theory, it’s free money  BR Lists for the agency. But it is also a time that we as agencies could be investing in building a case with a company that has knowledge, sees value and cares about SEO.