The one that we create which is much more robust is this one right here with a contact point telephone number, contact type,. All I did was I took this code and I droppe it right into the HTML of this page. One thing you want to know like this phone number here, if this phone number is on this page, we’d probably also want to have it marke up in the code. If this email is our email, we want to have that marke up as well using contact points.

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There are a lot of things that you can add to it, but adding it to the page is just finding that specific page and copying the JSON directly into the code. You could put it in the header, you could put it in the footer, you could put it directly into the HTML and Burundi Email List the body. Really just, it nees to go into that page and it shouldn’t obviously mess anything up.. on the page as possible. In this case, I’m just showing you that it’s pretty easy to do with any WordPress site. Working Without wasn’t using a page builder. What we could do is go to the standard eitor here on WordPress and now you’re seeing right now this is the new Gutenberg, which can be confusing to some people.

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I know a lot of people will move back to the original one because they don’t like Gutenberg. But you can add custom HTML blocks if you wante. As you BR Lists can see, there’s a map right here. I could go here again and add in my schema. Oh that’s not my schema. Our structure data right here, drop it in, hit update. Now it’ll still be on the page the same way.