A lot of times if you’ve never done this before, you don’t have anything to use as a baseline, so it can be very difficult. One thing you can do is go to Google against your last year and start to use some of that to inform your decisions. And also what your sales targets are, what your marketing targets are to know your goals. Let’s say that our goals can be increase by 20%. You can easily use a sum right here. There you go. That was zero, and then adde to that, and now you’ve got a 20% increase. You can go all the way down by dragging it and going down for you.

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Now one of the things you don’t want to do for bounce rate and understand that hey, maybe you’re looking at a 20% decrease, for right. Otherwise, you’re going to get a negative number. Make sure that you are following the appropriate syntax Belgium Email List here. Let’s say you want to drop your bounce rate for this one. Now that you’ve got this done, you can break it down into quarters. For instance, if this was four quarters, maybe you want to do 1500 all the way through, and now you can track this. Every month you can come in here and say.

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Maybe right now we’re at 2000 for this, and then you can do percentage achieve, so what percentage of that is achieve at this point. It’s just a simple formula. Right now we’re 33% of the way there. As this number changes you can again make these BR Lists formulas drop and drag all you want. But now you have a template. You have a scorecard that you can use and you have hard numbers that you can look for and track against to make sure that you’re getting the right results. Benchmark Yourself The first step is defining the categories