Where could you be a year from now? Video Transcript: Welcome to this Wenesday Workshop. In this episode we’re going to be looking at where we put our schema markup. After we build it, after we’ve teste it, where does it actually go on our website? This is a question that I get aske quite often and it’s not as intuitive as it may seem. Now there’s some markup that can go on all your pages and there’s other markup that is very specific to the page that it’s marking up. Markup Across All Pages For instance, you’ll have things like organization or website markup, all of your pages. I create this one right here, which I teste, it works, everything looks the way it should.

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Essentially I can drop this into my template header and it will be on every single page. Now, this is a WordPress site. This is not a site that we market or anything. on, like workshops and videos like this one. Schema Markup with WordPress One of the Burkina Faso Email List things with WordPress you want to know, especially if you’re using a theme to test that theme out, and run that theme through the structure data testing tool. A lot of themes will have markup in them from the get-go. Now, some of it may be good, some of it may nee to be adjuste and tweake, and if you look at this theme for instance, we’re using Beaver Builder because it’s a quick builder that we can use to put a site together and do some things with it quick.

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You’ll see that it has a webpage markup, it has organizational markup and it has creative work. Now, what I would be doing if this was a site, spend BR Lists some time with, remove all of this default stuff and add in my own. For instance, organization was missing some stuff and really what we’d want to do is make sure that we had that organization on another page on our site, specifically the contact page with our contact points.