Use proven solutions. On mobile devices, it is common to use the so-calle hamburger, that is, a menu that is compresse in the form of an icon representing three horizontal lines. The same applies to navigation, for example by product categories. Make can seamlessly navigate between different parts of your site. 4. Let individual elements breathe Adequate spacing between elements is one of the features of the flat design style. They are especially important on mobile devices. It only has to do with our physical condition. Some people are better with their fingers when talking on the phone, while others have problems. Such diversity is completely normal and understandable. This is why it is so important that individual components can “breathe.

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Buttons should not be place too close to each other, as this can lead to unintende underpages. In this case, users may feel frustrate, of goals. Managing the audience’s attention also plays an important role. If everything is “compresse” then there is Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List too much chaos, so it is harder to find the elements that should be most relevant to the page. 5. Limit the use of pop-ups In a text about how you can improve the appearance of your blog, I mentione that Google is looking less and less favorably at the use of pop-ups on mobile devices.

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This is not surprising since pop-ups on mobile devices tend to annoy us the most. This is mainly because pop-ups are more difficult to close than on desktop BR Lists computers. UX and website conversion on mobile suffer a lot when a. If you really can’t live without them, rethink how they are presente and make it easier to close them. However, such pop-ups with, for example, forms integrate directly into the page. 6. Simplify forms Speaking of forms, from here I recommend a text by Barthlomey Kiljan on optimizing web forms.