Check in the panel under “Settings” -> “Reading”, if the box is unchecke: “Ask search engines not to index this site”. 8. The image problem Before publishing a website, you should also check the images on the website. In particular, there are four points to pay attention to: size – pay attention to the image resolution and place an appropriate image for the room. If the available area of ​​this element is 500 x 500 pixels, it makes absolutely no sense to insert an image here with a size like: 3200 x 1450. image optimization – try to compress each image without loss.

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This will reuce the weight significantly. Use the online tool TinyPNG or a WordPress plugin calle WP Smush. However, despite its huge popularity, this plugin is, in my opinion, rather thin. ALT attribute is an image attribute that tells the search engine North Korea Email List what the image is about. Think of it as a way to include keywords. Naming – try to avoid naming like DCIM-12345. jpg. Practice descriptive equivalents like contact.jpg, project-digiants.jpg, etc. Of course, mistake, but just a good practice that makes it easier to identify the image. 9. Meta title and description. It’s also a good idea to check the page description and title before running it.

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Both appear in the search results, so it’s best to write. Otherwise, Google takes the description of the page from the content itself,. Besides, the BR Lists title is displaye in the browser tab, so it’s good if it’s done right here as well. Think of it as a description of what the page contains. As for the description itself, I refer to our other article on meta description. 10. Friendly URLs The next question is friendly URLs.