While these two Additionally, Facebook has a much larger user base. The latest data shows that Facebook has around . billion active users and LinkIn has around million. Although the cost is higher than Facebook, the ROI of Linkin Advertising ads achieves much higher performances. It is not possible to target bas on the device. On LinkIn Advertising it is not yet possible to create audience segments bas on the device. Us there is therefore no difference between those who browse LinkIn from mobile. Or desktop to monitor some technical data of the campaigns. We cannot know the quality score of our ads, so it becomes more difficult to manage.

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The campaigns LINKIN ADVERTISING Return to index LinkIn Advertising how to implement a campaign. The types of LinkIn seo expater bangladesh ltd Advertising campaigns. There are types of campaigns that can be creat on LinkIn Advertising. Sponsor Content Sponsor InMail Dynamic Ads Text Ads Text Ads . Sponsor Contentlinkin-advertising-typology- Sponsor content appears directly in the LinkIn fe of the target audience you want to reach and is available in three different formats Single image ads useful for driving traffic to your website with impactful images Video ads to build brand awareness with in-fe video.

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Carousel ads to tell an interactive story that inspires your audience to take action Content sponsorship, although more expensive than Facebook starting from a minimum of around €./ per click is the right solution if the objective is brand awareness, traffic to a website or cultivation of key relationships at every stage of the sales cycle. The CTR click through rate of these tools is BR Lists higher than text ads, however it is necessary to pay attention to some elements of it is possible to write a message that does not exce characters, in reality the introduction concise leads to greater involvement and avoids two annoying problems. Those who view an advert with little text are able to read it faster and this makes.