If you’re looking to change the way you market. Change the way you tell stories, and change the way that you approach acquiring new. Customers or your audience, it’s a very powerful book. It’s a very easy read. Marketing to Those Who Matter. But what Seth is really getting at is, how do we become authentic storytellers? How do we become people, but really just market to the people who matter. I really like this quote, and this is taken from chapter five. This is where a lot of today’s lesson is going to come from. It says, “In a world of choice, where we have too little time, too little space, and too many options, how do we choose.

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It’s easier for those we seek to serve to simply shut down and not even try to solve their problems.” Many of you probably have felt this, where you’re working online and you’re looking for a solution to a problem you have, and there’s just so many things to look at and so many options to choose from, and so many features and things being pushe in Australia Email List our way that it’s easier just to say, “Forget about it. I’m just going to ignore the problem right now and worry about it some other time.” Find Your Niche Audience A lot of times our customers, our audience, is feeling the same thing and we have to learn how to empathize with them. And this is where with our technical sides. We talk a lot on the channel about the technical elements of marketing.

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We want to fuse the creative sides

How to execute on that. But sometimes it’s good to stop and start to remember that we’re marketing to people and those people have feelings and BR Lists those feelings are and if we don’t take the creative and fuse it with the technical, then we’re going to have a gap. We have to think about our clients and we have to think about our positions and how we’re putting ourselves out, our products and services. We have to start with people’s nees, their wants, their dreams.