This is all thanks to the community, that more symbols be adde to this set. When looking for a specific symbol, you will almost certainly find something that will prove useful for your project. 3. Octikon If you’re looking for an alternative to Font Awesome, Octicons certainly won’t be one in terms of quantity. Instead, they may appeal to you with their style. Octicons, the set brought to the world by the Github team, is pretty angular. It can be use in many projects where round shapes are lacking and any base on corners is preferable. 4. IcoMoon IcoMoon, which has been known for many years, can serve as an alternative method to Font Awesome as much as possible.

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There are three service packages available on the site: 1. Lindua is a premium icon pack. There is no free version. It is characterize by extremely strong detail, a lot of detail in a very small area. Another feature is that in each icon a combination of both thin Mauritania Email List and thicker lines plays a central role. 2. Linearicons is divide into two versions – premium and free. The free version has 170 characters, while the paid version has over a thousand. I don’t hide the fact that I’m a big fan of Linearicons because of the sharpness of the shapes and the obvious high attention to detail.

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The IcoMoon kit itselfdivide into three versions: free (490 icons), standard (950 icons) and full (1600 icons). In the third option, in addition to the BR Lists full set of icons, you get icons in photoshop shape format, as well as two-color, or two-color versions. As you can see, from. 5. Captain’s badge Captain Icon is another suggestion that I love a lot. categories, many file formats to choose from and, above all, an unconventional style.