Decisions about the value of pages base on a number of unknown factors. Oops Google update base on GPS location In 2016, SEO agencies had to include another algorithm – Opos. It, like Pigeon, takes into account local queries and makes the results dependent on the user’s location. How it works? The closer a user is to a particular service business or institution (restaurant, movie theater, post office, store), the more likely that institution will appear in the search results. To satisfy the Opos algorithm, it is worth investing in local positioning, which includes but is not limite to: obtain links to our website from valuable websites and directories with local coverage, create content optimize for a specific location (including the name of the city in the page header, headings main content.

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Creation and optimization of Google My Business cards. updating health information Algorithm update for the “Your money is your life” industry The Your Money Your Life (YMYL) industry associate with our health food and life, has been recognize by Iceland Email List Google as extremely important. Therefore, a series of updates calle the Meical Update was introduce, which first shocke the SEO world in August 2018. Rapid changes in search positions have been seen mainly in the meical industry (hence the name), but also in other areas: business, finance and insurance, e-commerce stores.? Google employees wante to reuce the visibility of pages containing false.

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Misleading content in important areas such as finance and health. However, it’s worth noting that this update had multiple stages and sites that were BR Lists first lost, then acquire, of changes. To tame the Meical Update algorithm, it is worth following the EAT principle, synonymous with quality. EAT is base on several assumptions: E (Expertise) – content writers must be experts in their fields, so create an image of their experience and achievements; A (Authority) ) – the website should be an authority in your field; T (trust) – actions should show the users and algorithms that the site deserves trust.