Since the materials are pre-packaged, the press release saves journalists’ time, not only the time to write reports, but also the time and money required to directly capture the news. [2] Although the use of press releases can save the time and money of the news media, it limits the format and style of its content. In addition, press releases are beneficial to the organizations entrusted to them, and the theme is framed according to their preferred criteria.

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 In the digital age, consumers want immediate access to information, which puts   special data  pressure on the news media to export as much material as possible. This may cause news media companies to rely heavily on press releases to create stories. [2] Elements Any information intentionally sent to a reporter or media source is considered a press release. This information is published through the behavior sent to the media.

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 Public relations professionals usually follow standard professional press release formats. Other communication methods used by journalists include referral letters and media consultation. Generally speaking, the  BR Lists  main text of the press release consists of four to five paragraphs, with the word limit between 400 and 500. [3] The length of the press release can be between 300 and 800 words.