What should be checke before publishing a website? This moment can be exciting for the site owner, because with the creation of the site you get the opportunity for new forms of advertising on the Internet. 1279 351 Before that happens, however, it’s worth checking if everything is ready to publish the site. After all, you don’t want to hear complaints from users about something not working. You know it’s better to present yourself with dignity the first time than to nervously correct something later. So check out this list of things to check before publishing your website online. What you nee to check before publishing a website? – a list of 13 things to think about.

The content the user will read

Typo Make sure there are no typos or typos in It’s a minor fact, but a headline with an obvious typo is not something visitors like to read. Content the best way to check is with this tool: LanguageTool. 2. All page variants Make sure your site has proper Nigerian Email List reirects between different address versions. Google treats the two versions of a page completely differently. For a search engine, the addressthe browser console. For can be quickly solve by installing the Really Simple SSL plugin (although the best you can do is change the URLs in the database anyway Sitemap.

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WordPress sites this problem

A sitemap is basically information for the search engine about the type of content we want to publish on the Internet. It’s just a list of all the pages BR Lists that users can find through a search engine. This is important because some pages usually don’t make sense to send to Google. These are unimportant pages like tags, pagination or some archives. with the Yoast SEO plugin, where you can easily specify which pages the search engine will notice and which will be fully crawle.