We have the Management Board above us, so the structure is not that develope. I have also worke with a Brand Manager before. Currently, I communicate with the marketing department and internal stakeholders (with project managers from various departments), because my task is to respond to their nees. My work environment can be compare to agency, which also outsources creative, SEO and Performance tasks. We recommend reading: blog-small-preview-marketing-roles ARTICLE 6 key roles in the marketing team Read What challenges are you currently facing in your work? Searching for the target group More and more people appreciate Tik Tok, so marketers must appreciate it too.

The operation of an internal marketing

You should always keep your finger on the pulse and observe your target group – what they do, where they do it, what they like and what they don’t like. Don’t just stick to one standard thinking, but always look for something new. Maybe it’s, such as Albania Email List Discord or Be Real, or start publishing podcasts on Spotify? Being an ethical company in the broad sense It is above all avoiding greenwashing at all costs and striving for greater transparency, in terms of specifying rates in job offers. Generation Z pays a lot of attention to this.

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Privacy and security issues in the digital world whether all GDPR issues have been taken care of, whether cybersecurity guidelines are followe at every stage. What is worth reading, listening to, watching now to stay up to date in the industry? Gartner – sign up for the marketing newsletter to learn about trends, research and analysis. Podcasts – listen to BR Lists podcasts by Artur Jabłoński, Neil Patel, Eric Siu. Websites of the tools we use – read the Meta blog about news and new case studies.