Ask people for links. Find keywords with traffic. Publish pages focus on those topics. There us to more certainty of outcome. If the outcome is not assur, then so long as a site is crawlable, why would you ne an SEO? You just ne to publish and see where Google ranks you. Unless the SEO is manipulating rank, then where is the value proposition over and above simply publishing crawlable content? Really, SEO is a polite way of saying “gaming the system”. Those who let themselves be defin by Google can now be seen scrambling to refine themselves. “Inbound marketers” is one term being us a lot. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, although you’d be hard press to call it Search Engine Optimization. It’s PR. It’s marketing. It’s content production.

The side effect of such activity might

be a high ranking in the search engines (wink, wink). It’s like Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is…… A few years back, we prict that the last SEOs standing would be blackhat, and that’s turn out to be true. The term SEO has been successfully co-opt and marginaliz. You can still successfully game the system with disposable domains, by aggressively targeting keywords, and buying lot of links and/or building link networks, but there’s no way that’s compliant with Canada Phone Number List Google’s definitions of acceptable use. It would be very difficult to sell that to a client without full disclosure. Even with full disclosure, I’m sure it’s a hard sell. But I digress…. Optimization In The New Environment The blackhats will continue on as usual. They never took direction from search.

Engines, anyway Many SEOs are looking

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to blend a number of initiatives together to take the emphasis off search. Some call it inbound. In practice, it blends marketing, content production and PR. It’s a lot less about algo hacking. For it to work well, and to get great results in search, the SEO model nes to be turn on its head. It’s still about getting people to a site, but because the cost of getting people to a site has increas, every visitor must count. For this channel to maintain value, then more focus will go on what happens BRLists after the click. If the offer is not right, and the path to that offer isn’t right, then it’s like having people turn up for a concert when the band hasn’t rehears.