This results in a friendly feel to the site so you can identify at least a little with the team. From this we can also conclude how big the brand is. Some customers are attracte by large companies or vice versa. If you are a construction company, make sure your website presents the team in an interesting way. 2. Services, i.e. show what you do A construction company’s website should primarily be service-base. They are usually the main axis of the site and at the same time represent the amount of work that the company can perform, for example, several tiles with a brief description of the service on the main page and also link this to the one marke below. page.

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Usually these types of objects are presente in columns, for example in two rows with three services in each row. Additionally, this can be supplemente with images or icons to enhance the visual aspect. It may look something. like this : Shallow to represent San Marino Email List what the company does and what range of services it provides. 3. Convince why you should use the company Another important aspect regarding the usability of the website is the presence of a section where company will be place. The user should know why it is worth using the services of this company and what he or she will get in return. This could be the timeliness of the project, X years of experience in the market, Y complete projects or the quality of the services.

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Of course it is advisable not to be colorful and state the facts, because everything will be reveale later anyway. should be presente in much the same way as in. the period of existence on the market, because in the construction industry experience gaine BR Lists over the years is of great importance. Therefore, a company with, for example, 20 years of experience is certainly attractive in the eyes of a potential customer. four. Complete projects A construction company’s website must contain a portfolio.