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According to Indee’s Work Wellbeing 2022 Insights Report, 90% of. Those surveye believe how we feel at work matters – yet only 49% of people say . Monitoring the well-being of employees and taking care of their well-being becomes another important element in attracting and retaining talent. for well-being at work continue to rise and have been accelerate. By the global pandemic: 46% of people say their expectations of happiness at work have increase in the last year alone. 86% of people say that how they feel at work influences how they feel at home. Stress leads to rotation.

This year’s research shows expectations

After taking into account the issue of pay, stress, dissatisfaction and happiness are the main reasons why people start looking for new opportunities in the labor market. i-have-a-boiler-at-work BOOK REVIEW Fax Lists How not to go crazy at work – a new manifesto from the authors of the bestseller Rework Read 5. Diversity, equality and inclusivity come to the fore There has long been a generational divide when it comes to approaching diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace – as older workers left the workplace during the pandemic, their younger colleagues are in a position to demand more on social justice.

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A study by Indee and Glassdoor in September 2022 shows that age and generation – more than gender, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation or BR Lists parental status – determine whether someone believes DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is important in the workplace. 72% of 18-34 year olds said they would consider turning down a job offer or leaving the company if they didn’t think their manager supporte development initiatives, compare with year olds, respondents age of respondents.

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