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Community involvement. Industry websites There are plenty of industry websites and and directories in almost every industry. Sometimes these websites can refer significant traffic to you but they almost always make for a good link and a solid citation. Organize Events Events are good for business. If you organize them you should make sure that it’s reflected on the web. There are plenty of websites you can submit your event to. Google is not likely to start considering organizing offline events spam any time soon. Find Local Directories Every state has a few good ones. It’ likely that your town has an online business directory you can join. These types of links can make good citations too. They are usually easy to acquire. Local Blogs It pays to a friend of your “local blogosphere”. Try to include local bloggers in your.

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to contribute content or offer giveaways. Truly Integrate Link Building Into Your Marketing Operations Whenever possible, make sure your vendors link to you: If you’re offering discounts to any organization, make sure it’s reflected on their website. If you’re attending an industry show or an event, give a testimonial and get a link. If you get press, remind a report to link to your website. Review Management In local search, customer reviews are bigger than life. Consumers trust online reviews as Iran Phone Number List much as personal recommendations while majority (52%) says that positive online reviews make them more likely to choose a local business. Influence reviews have on your local business go well beyond social proof. Good reviews can boost your local search visibility, while bad reviews.

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The Big Picture Every organization that strives to get better at what it does should use consumer reviews to improve its business operations. Customer reviews should be treated as one of the most valuable pieces of qualitative data. You should be surveying your customers daily and use their feedback to improve your services, products, customer service etc.. This holds true for corporations, as well as mom and pops shops. It’s not complicated to ask your customers about specific aspects of their experience with your business and record their answers. It’s not expensive, either. The benefits of taking reviews seriously are enormous: More BRLists search visibility; Less potential for online reputation management issues; Increased Credibility; What can you do to win at review management.

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