SEO team internally? Do we have the structure to set up a team focused on SEO within the company? Are we going to give this team autonomy and time? Can I look at SEO technically? Or will I just look at the performance numbers ? Once these questions have been answered, just go back to the table above and you will know which option is best for your context. Common mistakes when choosing Common mistakes when choosing Like any other business decision, defining your company’s position regarding SEO consultancy involves risk. In other words, it could go wrong. But it is possible to mitigate these risks if you pay attention to some common mistakes that we have already seen, namely: Centralizing company (internalization.

Organization will first try to internalize the SEO

Company without internal know-how (internalization); Inspection company (hiring); Company without knowledge (hiring); 1. Centralizing company (internalization) This case is one of the most common. In this type of context, the company usually already has a culture of working everything within its own structure. This may happen because it has always been this way or because a recent decision-maker passed this determination on. In any case, the error happens because the organization will first try to internalize the SEO team, even with all the bottlenecks we have already mentioned here. And things can go wrong. So, if you r  Latest database company has this culture, first evaluate the points already discussed (internal know-how, autonomy, investment capacity, learning curve). This way, you will be able to make a decision that is more appropriate for the context.

Before entering into internalization

Company without internal know-how (internalization) The lack of internal expertise is not always the same context as centralization when we talk about SEO. This is because work aimed at gaining positions at Google still lacks maturity in the market , and many companies consider it “safer” to work internally. Furthermore, with the excess of information that the internet brings, it is not difficult to find young professionals who call themselves “experts” in SEO. In this scenario, the company ends up choosing to assemble its team, but it disregards the fact that the decision makers, the board, are not able to see whether this team is  BR Lists being efficient or not , and, even worse, it also does not provide autonomy necessary for her to do what needs to be done. So here it is important to evaluate, before entering into internalization.